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Launched on March the 6th, 2024

        ​Museum Guidlines

  • For the best experience make sure you have good internet connection.

  • You may connect your AR headset, or view in 3D in your web browser.


    Please make sure to read the museum instructions once you enter before you start the tour.

  • It may take up to 2 minutes for the museum to load depending on your internet connection. So, please be patient after you press ENTER.

  • Make sure your enter the Full Screen Mode from the options on the right once you enter the museum.

  • Click anywhere on the floor to step move to that place, use the direction arrows on desktop keyboard to navigate, or swipe left, right, up, and down on mobile.

  • Click on any artwork to face it, and click on the back arrow on the left bottom of the artwork to return back.

  • Some artworks have a description, clickable from the bottom tab when you click on the artwork.

  • Press "esc" on desktop to exit "Full Screen Mode" or pull down from top of the screen on mobile.

  • For more immersive experience use your headphones on mobile, and sound speakers on desktop.

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