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Walls & Corners

For Corporate HQs, Offices, Home Interiors, Boutiques, Show Rooms, and Hotels & Resorts

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Corporate HQs, and Offices

Add the sophisticated touch to your Corporate HQ or Office with Elena Butko's Avant-Garde Art Works on your reception's, meeting room's and office spaces with every wall and every corner reflecting your corporate taste.

Homes, Villas, and Palaces

Let the sweetest memories and the most valuable occasions at your beloved home be memorable and enduring with Elena Butko's Art Works in the background of every family gatherings, friends' catch-ups, and the brightest photos of your family life.

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Hotels and Resorts

Let your guests' stay be something truly different and like no other with Elena Butko's Art Works from the reception, to the lobby, to every room & suite, and also your dining & corporate experiences.

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Jewelry, and Fashion Boutiques & Show Rooms.

Luxury and big brands reflect a sentimental and passionate feelings all around from the way they are presented to how they are conceived to the energy and vibes they give. Add to your sophisticated customer's journey a sense of art and an essence of life with Elena Butko's Avant-Garde & Abstract Art wrapping your collections and hugging your visitors.

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