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"Fashion Tech Collaboration of the Year" Award
Goes to
The Fashion Factor with Yoona.AI Application and Elena Butko Art.

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Experience the Captivating works of Elena Butko and Jasbir Saggu at ME Dubai this Spring

ME Dubai unveils its latest Cultural Connections initiative with Elena Butko and Jasbir Saggu, bringing to guests a harmonious juxtaposition of artworks

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April 2024, Dubai, UAE | ME Dubai, the unparalleled architectural marvel designed by the late Zaha Hadid, returns this Spring with a refreshing Cultural Connections showcase that promises to captivate audiences with an extraordinary fusion of artistic prowess and visionary expression. Proudly unveiling their collaboration with Jasbir Saggu, a seasoned virtuoso, and Elena Butko, a rising star in the realm of contemporary abstraction, the team remains committed to fostering and highlighting the region’s rich art ecosystem, bringing to their hotel the new exhibition from April 19th – May 16th.


The dynamic duo extends a warm welcome to art aficionados and guests alike, as they have prepared artworks that are set to transport viewers into a sensory realm where creativity knows no bounds. Set against the backdrop of ME Dubai’s luxurious interiors, the masterful works of Elena Butko paint vivid images where vibrant raw emotions intertwine with introspection, urging her audience to contemplate the complexities of existence itself. From the dichotomy or life and death, to fear and courage, her unique mastery of colours evokes themes of power and vulnerability, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. 


As guests explore the open space on ME Dubai’s third floor atrium, they will have the opportunity to witness a captivating juxtaposition with the works of Jasbir Saggu, where he invites us to traverse the multidimensional landscapes of his imagination. His pieces mesmerise with fluid gestures and dynamic compositions, a testament to his years of experience and unwavering dedication to his craft. His art explores the different ways in which light and shadow dance in harmony, using translucent orbs and directional lines to bring synchronised chaos. Using the canvas to lend depth and maturity to his audience, Saggu invites guests to see the world through a new lens.


The two-month long residency at ME Dubai comes in time as temperatures start to heat up and locals and tourists alike begin to look for indoor spaces to spend time in. The hotel’s awe-inspiring architecture will be beautifully adorned with Butko’s and Saggu’s works, creating a visual synergy that promises to enamour guests and transport them to another dimension.


Head to ME Dubai from April 19th – May 16th to explore the entrancing artworks of Elena Butko and Jasbir Saggu. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, traveling tourist, or local to the city, ME Dubai has brought forth a collaboration that is set to challenge every guest to embrace the beauty of the human psyche and its enigmatic realms.




About ME Dubai

ME Dubai is the first ME by Meliá in the Middle East designed by the late and renowned architect Dame Zaha Hadid. ME Dubai is in the breath-taking The Opus building. The only hotel project where she has personally designed the interiors and exteriors. ME Dubai is situated in the heart of the Burj Khalifa district, one of the city's most vibrant areas. The property consists of 93 rooms and suites across four floors. The legacy hotel presents Central Cosmo Tapas and Bar as the owned F&B outlet.


About ME by Meliá

Located in global cultural epicenters, ME by Meliá is a collection of design hotels to discover contemporary culture through the lens of their bold, charismatic personality. ME by Meliá brings destination, design and service together to deliver personal, enriching experiences for the stylish modern traveller. A stay at one of our hotels is more than just a vacation or a visit, it’s an immersion in architecture, design, gastronomy and art that few can match.


Contemporary culture is part of who we are. We express its creativity and energy in every aspect of our hotel experience. ME by Meliá hotels thrive on the sensorial connection to their settings – the visual stimuli, the taste of exquisite local food, the uplifting culture of its citizens and cultural leaders. Embedded within each hotel´s ecosystem is a community of artists, influencers, creatives and technologies that raise the hotel to a must-see, and must-stay, destination for those who yearn for inspiration and energy. There are currently eight hotels in the portfolio across Europe, Middle East, The Americas and Mexico, including ME Dubai, ME Milan Il Duca, ME London, ME Madrid, ME Ibiza, ME Barcelona, ME Sitges and ME Cabo. Upcoming openings include ME Malta, ME Guadalajara & ME Lisbon, set to launch in the coming months. Follow ME by Meliá on Instagram @me_by_melia and Facebook


For media queries: 

Olivia Simpson I

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Of The Oscars, Hollywood, Cannes and others.

Films, Fashion, Carpets, Art, and Opera are the highlights of the year’s artistry and social scenes.

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Elena Butko Art Reception - A Night At The Museum.jpg
Elena Butko Art Reception - A Night At The Museum.jpg

A collective global social media campaign highlighting Hollywood Vinyl District during the the Oscars Night spotlight by G.P.I. Global Partners Investments Limited celebrating the 96th Academy Awards.

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Elena Butko's Art Reception at the "A Night At The Museum" satellite closing soiree' at Cinar Luxury Carpet Museum during Art Dubai 2024 with the live performance of Emily Thorner Ultra Soprano.

White Room

Avant-Garde Art

Elena Butko Art-In-Residence at the Fashion Factor's Showroom at The Agenda in Dubai Media City.

Experience the Avant-Garde Art of the fastest growing emerging abstract artist Elena Butko while enjoying your shopping experience of fashion brands.

Charlotte Elize



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From Feb 11 to Mar 7, 2024

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FF7 Art Catwalk Magazine Announcement.jpg

Avant-Garde Art

Art Couture

Elena Butko Avant-Garde Abstract Art as Art Partner, and Elena Butko Art Couture as Art Couture Partner to the FF7 (The Fashion Factor 7th Edition) in Dubai.

For the first time ever Elena Butko's Art Gallery Catwalk with the display of concept designs of her art couture rendered by Yoona AI from Berlin Fashion Week.

View Elena Butko's Interactive Art Gallery


Discover Elena Butko Art Couture

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FF7 Closing Show
Elena Butko Avant-Garde Art Catwalk
Watch it Now in 4K UHD